Foundational Nutrition

Key nutrients that just about everyone could use more of. Because let's face it - most of us don't eat the perfect diet everyday. Find essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, probiotics, and our Optimal Multivitamin.

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Immune Support

Whether it's protection from seasonal allergies or cold, flu, and other viruses, we've got you covered. With C+ BioFlavinoids, Querca Max, and NAC, we offer all year round immune support.

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Women's Health

We all feel best when our hormones are balanced. We target PMS and menopause symptoms with blends of active forms of key vitamins and herbs.

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Being irregular shouldn't become the regular. Show your gut flora some love with probiotics and digestive enzymes.

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Your Trusted Brand of Daily Essentials

Here at KC Pro-Nutrients, we exclusively offer professional-grade supplements, thoroughly tested by third parties. Our commitment to quality includes sourcing pharmaceutical-grade raw materials for purity and effectiveness. Every product from KC Pro-Nutrients is supported by clinically-backed, science-based data, verifying all claims made.

  • Xymogen

    For over 20 years, Xymogen has been the trusted brand that integrative practitioners recommend to their patients. At Xymogen, we are passionate about helping all individuals achieve their best possible health.

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  • Ayush Herbs

    Ayush Herbs started from humble beginnings with a passion to share Ayurvedic herbs and wisdom with the West. It has since grown to be an internationally recognized company for its quality products and dedication to people, planet, and plants.

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  • Wise Woman Herbals

    The mission at Wise Woman Herbals has always been to support a better quality of life for all through natural-based pathways, while also promoting a healthier, more balanced and sustainable world with botanical supplements.

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  • Vital Proteins

    Vital Proteins is here to help make the most of every moment, every day. Because we know that feeling our best, looking our best and performing our best starts from within. Wellness is a journey and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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